Sunday, May 11, 2008

Things are going great here for Matt and I, We are both working full time and getting ready for our precious baby girl. Matt right now has 3 students that he teaches and he loves being a helicopter pilot. Work is going great for him right now. I am working full time at a credit union and love my job, but i must admit I am ready to be a mom.
I am 22 weeks today! I am more then halfway through this pregnancy!! Jayden is getting so big, she is the size of a 1 pound coffee bag. I obviously don't drink coffee so i don't really know what size that is all i know is that my stomach is starting to strech and get bigger. I can kind of feel her moving now it feels like someone is lightly poking my sotmach but from the inside. It is cool I can't wait to feel her start to kick.
Matt is so excited for her to come! He likes to talk to her and kiss my belly and say how much he loves her. My favorite thing that he does is he talks to her but i am not aloud to listen! He will tell me that he needs to have his alone time with Jayden and put his mouth to my stomach and start to talk to her. He usually says how much he misses and loves her and then he starts to make up some really funny things. One time he told her "not to poop in mommy" I was laughing so hard and he gets mad and tells me that i can't listen. It is really cute. One day i will get it on video, it is so funny! He also likes to take her for walks in the stroller that we have. You might be asking how this works, well he will put one of her dresses in the stroller and walk her around. I love it he cracks me up all the time. He is going to be a great daddy and she will be his little princess.


Melissa said...

hahahahahahaha! I LOVE Matt! Thats sooooo funny! I can totally see him really close to your belly saying "dont poop in mommy." I'm so excited for Jayden to come. She's going to be adorable!

ps. When I first looked at that picture I thought matt was wearing some kind of weird Hawaiian shirt...then I saw the snowflakes, and realized it must be a blanket. :)

megs said...

blogging!!! yay!!! i love us! i am so excited for jayden to come too, missy and i are going to be her favorite aunts!! (besides anne!) woo hoo, get here fast! love you aims, tell matt helloooo:)

Tigh, Jacque, & Charlotte said...

Amie! That is EXACTLY what Tigh would do with Charlotte before she came! haha! I can't tell you the number of talks he had with her and the stroller marks are still engraved in the carpet through the house!
I am so excited for you!
I will see you at your Shower! Yay for girls!

matt and amie said...

I love when Matt does that he cracks me up! He is so cute and so excited for her to come. can't wait to see you tonight!