Sunday, June 22, 2008

Manti Pageant

We went to the Manti Pageant this last Thursday, it was fun, a little cheesy but the message was good.
I can't believe this temple was built without cranes or any modern tools. It is a really pretty temple.
Matt and I
We went with part of Matt's family.
After the pageant we went and stayed in the Manti canyon. We parked my father-in-laws trailer in a turn around point and slept there overnight. In the morning we drove up the canyon and looked at the view.
There was a little lake up the canyon, we walked around it and took pictures.


megs said...

you're cute!!! and i cant wait to see you and LIVE IN PROVO with you in just 2 months-ish! woooo hoooo!!! xoxox love you

Rochelle said...

You look so beautiful Amie!

Melissa said...

Fun Amie! You look so cute in your pictures!! :) I went to the Manti pageant a couple weeks ago...I agree...very cheesy. I think its because we're used to the Mesa one. :) I miss it so much!

matt and amie said...

I totaly agree, the Easter one is so good, i was going to put something about that, but then decided not to!