Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fish lake

This weekend we went camping at fish lake with our friends. It was fun but being 8 months pregnant it was a different experience. Not sure I am going to camp again while I'm pregnant!
Matt is so silly, he bought a fishing hat just for this camping trip, he had fun posing for the camera to show off his hat!
Brynna was so cute with Matt's hat on.
Lisa trying to cut the tree, its a lot harder then it looks!

The boys having fun cutting the tree!
Matt sawing the tree, the boys had lots of fun trying to see who could saw the fastest.


Elise said...

Hey I just found your blog. You are such a cute pregnant lady! I hope everything is going well for you!

LacyCat said...

Amie it's Nancy! I saw your blog on Jackie Gunderson's blog. Congratulations. We were just in Utah and are going back up to see Katrina's new baby blessed. I saw that your mom has a blog but I have to be invited. Tell her to e mail me at Tell Ann that we said congratulations. I am a terrible letter writer so I love this blog thing. I can keep track of so many more friends and their families this way, and I only have to type once. Ha Ha
Hope all goes well with your delivery and God bless you all