Friday, September 19, 2008

At the hospital

In the room where we delivered and stayed, right before I got induced.
Waiting for the Dr to hook me up to the drugs!
They monitored my contractions and Jayden's heartbeat through the whole thing. The top line is Jayden's heart beat and the bottom line are my contractions.
I had to be hooked up to oxygen for a while because Jayden's heartbeat kept spiking really low and that ment that she was stressed. After they did an amnio fluid (it is like an iv in my uterus to keep fluid in there and make sure that she was comfy) everything was fine and her heart beat was good for the rest of the labor.


Melissa said...

OUCH! Your contractions look nasty. I'm not looking foward to this....can I just borrow Jayden every once in a while?

matt and amie said...

ya for sure!! ha ha, It wasn't bad at all, that was after the epideral and I couldn't feel anything it was great!