Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pretty Princess!

well it has been a long time since I wrote and so much has happened. Jayden is getting so big, She is now 5 1/2 months old!!
She is so happy after she eats!
I love this little outfit!
She has started sitting up and she was making the cutest faces! Every time I see this I crack up!

We got her a Bumbo to sit on , she liked it for a little bit, we took it back because it was a waste of money cause every time we put her in it she cried.
She loves the camera, she was posing for it!
We started to feed her rice cereal at night because she was waking up every two hours so I thought that maybe she wasn't eating enough at night, It worked for a couple nights but then she started waking up again, s we are trying something new and now she wont eat it again.
But I love the pictures that we got!

I put her in her swing with some toys and she was giving them the dirtiest faces! It was so funny, I am glad that i had the camera right there.

It was the little crab toy that she was making faces at.

We got her a bouncy play seat thing, I don't know what it is called, ha ha. She loves to play in it, it is nice for me!

When she starts to cry she gets the biggest lip, this isn't even half of it, I couldn't get her to do it again once she saw the camera because the camera makes her so happy.


megs said...

oh sweet jesus, this child continues to get cuter and CUTER, its KILLING ME!!! i need to see her more!!! i am in love, thanks for providing me with such a gorgeous godbaby:) seriously, she is ridiculous, i love her faces hahaha and her sweet smile and her cute pouty lip! awwww! remember when we were watching mama mia and she was like, flipping out at us!? i love i.

The Jones :) said...

She's pretty cute Amie!! She is getting big and I love all her little expressions!! I hope she starts sleeping better for you sucks when they're not sleeping...cuz obviously you're not either. Hope she's staying healthy too...cuz it's no fun when they're sick have lots of fun toys for her!! Cute kid!!

Melissa said...

She is so cute! I need to play with her...can I just steal her for a little bit? I'll give her back as soon as she gets hungry or needs her diaper changed ;)

Rochelle said...

I can't believe how big she has gotten and we just saw her at Christmas time! Can't wait to see you soon! Love the new pics. What a doll you have!

matt and amie said...

Melissa you are more then welcome to come steal her, that would be really nice!! ha ha, sometimes it isn't as much fun as it looks though ha ha. but we should all get together!

Erica&Milana said...

Milana loves looking at Jayden. I am on the computer and she's hanging in the doorway in her bouncy chair and she stopped bouncing and staring at the computer once I brought up your was too should've seen her.

Anonymous said...

nice photos! the baby is so cute!