Sunday, June 29, 2008

29 weeks

My baby is now the size of a basketball.
There wasn't a lot of info on what is happening with my baby this week but it does say that research shows that in-utero chit chat may help your baby become a smarter, more verbal kid down the road.
I don't know about all the other ladies out there who have already had babies but i feel weird talking to my stomach, plus I never know what to say, so i usually read scriptures to her.


Tigh, Jacque, & Charlotte said...

Hey! Where is the pic from the other night?! Haha.
How exciting she is the size of a Basketball! She is getting so big.
I must say though, and I am sure your mom will appreciate me for this,but, NO MORE MOTORCYCLES!

Savanna and Billy said...

Oh thats so cute. I am getting so dang excited.

Melissa said...

Ditto to Jacque's advice :) Its scary! haha. I'm so excited to see your baby. She is going to be SO CUTE!!