Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Any help would be great...

So I think that once the baby comes I am not going to be able to work because I will have a beautiful baby girl to take care of and there is no way in HELL I am taking my baby to day care. I really don't trust anyone with little kids, with all the sick people that you hear about on the news. You may think they are innocent and even though they are Mormon and living in Utah they are deceiving liars. Can you tell how i feel about this..anyways I recently went through our finances and we are getting screwed out the rear with our student loans, so to say the least I have to work but I don't know what to do. There is no way we can live on Matt's income alone especially where it is not guaranteed work. (He is an independent contractor so if his student doesn't come in he doesn't get paid.) and there is no one that can take care of her while I go to work.
Does anyone know of a legit place where i can work from home, or any ideas on what to do? I am kinda freaking out about this....I know that if we pay tithing and trust in the Lord things will work out but I still don't know what I am going to do because Matt doesn't make enough for us to live on.


Rochelle said...

Well...Jay has been in the process of getting her medical billing certificate/license. The only thing with this is you have to go through some schooling. You learn the material on your own- study, take tests, etc and it is an online program. It takes anywhere (I think) from 6 months - 1 1/2 years. The hard part is you will have a baby. But...the pay once you finish is $20 - $35/hour and this is work that you can do from home.

It may be something you could do on the side to have as a 'just in case' if you have to work longer than anticipated. Can you make your finances if you get just a part-time job- this would allow less time for you to be at work? Tough spot to be in...

My other sis, Mak, found a stay at home friend in her ward that tends their baby 4 days a week while she works. Maybe that could be an option instead of day care. You still pay a little to the babysitter- but at least the baby isn't at day care... ;)

matt and amie said...

We could make it if i worked part time, thanks for the ideas...It is lots of help to get different ideas

Susan and Chris said...

I agree with the part time idea. I have a friend who works part time from home and then goes into the office one day a week. She pays someone in the ward to watch her baby. Another option is to try and find a part time job during hours that Matt is home so that he could watch the baby.

Other than that I would look at your monthly budget. What could you cut out? Do you regularly spend money on things you could live without like cable tv, CDs, eating out, etc? Do you keep track of all your expenses? When Chris and I got married and had no money we really had to put a stop to the cash flow.

Good luck finding a solution! I know you'll work it out!

megs said...

hmmm. im moving to utah. and as of right now, i have no job and im not registered for classes anywhere (my future is getting mapped out AFTER the wedding is over haha) but if you need any help, EVER, you know i can be your first call. even though ill be a "newlywed" im SURE i can take time to come watch your beautiful child whenever i can! dont forget that ok??
ps dont stress too much- if youre honest and living the right way, the lord wont let you down, you know that!!!:) no worries... this baby thing will be a breeze;)

matt and amie said...

Ya we have gone through our expensise. Matts income alone doesn't even cover all of our bills. His student loans are our main problem, we are pretty much paying a mortgage but its our student loans. We are already cutting out the things that we don't need, and Matt is selling his bikes before the baby comes.

Megs I just might take you up on that, and i would totaly pay you! We will have to see how things go, and talk about it and see what we could do!

Karissa & Cory said...

Hey Amie! It's fun that I found your blog! =) Mine is coryandkarissagarr.blospot.com

The place where I work is looking for another female employee... It's not the most fun job, but the hours are super flexible, and my boss would totally work with you on scheduling or whatever. And it's part-time... let me know! Also, on top of that, I know a ton of resources that could help you with food and bills and insurance and different stuff. I'm a social worker, so it's my job to know resources and things to help. So let me know and I have a bunch of stuff if you want it =)

Tigh, Jacque, & Charlotte said...

Hey Amie.
I completely quit work all together when Char came. We are taught to be mothers first. I honestly, truly believe w/out a doubt that if you do pay your tithing and focus on raising your daughter, the lord will bless you!

If you do want to work part-time, I am a GREAT babysitter. We could work something out.
I have a few other ideas. Let's get together soon, and I will go over them with you.