Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in Arizona

Jayden was so good for the car ride, she pretty much slept the whole time! It was great!
Ha Ha oh man, some of you know that my grandma gives some very interesting presents, this is one of the things I got this year, a sleeper for adults. And yes those are booties that go with it. SICK that is all I can say!
Christmas morning I put Jade in this Santa outfit, it was so cute. I was going to get a picture with Santa and her wearing this but the pictures at the mall were $15.00 for one 4-6 picture. Obviously I didn't get one. There are also little tights that have shoes on them. It is so cute
Ann and the triplets, my mom made that shirt for her. I love it!
Masons is so cute, but a terror it must be the age.
Jade went for a shoulder ride. She also drooled all over Matt's head. It was soaking, pretty funny!
She loves when I play the piano, when she is fussy I go to my keyboard and play and she calms down. I have also taught her how to play a little:)
We took the boys to a train park in Scottsdale. Jade and I watched the boys on the Merry-go-round.
Then we rode the train! It goes around this little track and they have bison and little things set up that you can look at. It is cute!

She loves the train!

I love bows!

The boys loved Jayden, Parker was so cute with her. He held her hand and kissed her and put her Binky in when she was crying, it was so cute!

Mason loved her to, he hasn't quite figured out the male and female thing so he always called her a he, it was funny.


megs said...

your grandma DOES give the best presents ever!!!
jayden look as beautiful as ever, naturally.
aaand lindsey and i started going to an aerobics/pilates class at provo rec center. if you call tanya at work she can get you on the "list" and its only $2. for real. COME WITH US!!! text me woman! i need to see you soon. love you!

Melissa said...

hahahahaha!!!!! i LOVE the pj's. Too bad theyre not red...You could be Thing 1 (or Thing 2).
Ann's boys are so BIG! I haven't seen them in forever!!

Erica&Milana said...

When we come to visit over the summer we have to go wherever you get those bows. I've looked for them everywhere out here and they don't have any. Sexy PJs too...Grandma's are great. You should get Jade a matching pair and take your picture :)!!!!