Thursday, January 8, 2009

I love her!

She is so freaking cute!, She always has her hands like that, so proper already!
I love her little boots, thanks Mandi they are pretty much the best. She is so in style!
Her hands, Love it!
Jayden loves TV, it is quite nice, if she is fussy I can usually prop her in front of the TV and she will watch it for a while. She loves to watch it with daddy too.


The Jones :) said...

She is getting so big already!! She is pretty cute too...looks like you're having lots of fun!! Crazy how fast they grow huh!! She's so long and skinny too...too cute!!

Susan said...

So cute! She looks tall. What percentile height is she in?

megs said...

dang child is the effing most beautiful thing i have ever seeeeen!!! this weekend we WILL get together. ill txt you my love:)

Melissa said...

haha she is sooooo cute! I can't believe how big she has gotten since I've seen her!

Blake & Mandi said...

I'm glad you love the boots! They are P-I-M-P! haha