Monday, January 26, 2009


The tag is to find your fourth folder and pick the fourth picture and describe it...ha ha this was halloween 2007 we went bowling with our friends, Matt wore a track suit and then we got some cheap gangsta' things from the dollar store.
Oh by the way Erica I just realized that i never sent these pics to you. if you want them still let me know, I understand it you don't.

I tag: Megs, Erica, Rochelle


Melissa said...

bahahahaha. Oh, Matt.

Erica&Milana said...

Yeah, NO I DON'T WANT THEM!!!! What a phychopath I married. Seriously if I told you half of what's been happening. Wow...for the first time so glad to almost be divorced. Words I never thought I'd say but he truly has some mental problems.